Who we are

Plan With Bean is a space dedicated to providing educators and parents with fun and engaging resources for students and information regarding trends in education. It is a space for the exchange of ideas that will foster critical thinking, student achievement, and motivation.



That's our motto! Don't get left behind. Ordinary is boring. Routine is tedious. Do something new!


​The Mission

Our mission is to provide teachers and parents with curriculum resources, books, articles, and videos that will help to engage and instruct students with diverse learning styles and backgrounds.


The Vision

Our vision is to provide a space for those who love the endless possibilities of education. This is a space where fun meets academic rigor. This is a space for anyone who truly cares about educating ALL children.



Education with an EDGE

Plan With Bean is not a traditional education website. Our focus is to engage students of all learning styles; therefore, our methods are a little “outside of the box”. In order to help students to grow, you must meet students where they are. This means incorporating their interests into our curriculum. Since music and media have such a powerful influence on young people, we aim to use music and media to help students to learn to think critically. Just think of Plan With Bean as the place where education meets pop culture. This is no middle of the road operation; we live on the EDGE!!!