Plan With Bean offers a variety of resources that align with the common core standards while promoting genuine student engagement.

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Any teacher would agree that motivating students is the one of the biggest challenges in the classroom. How do we get students to want to learn? We know that an engaged and motivated student is ideal for learning, so we design our units and activities keeping student interest in mind. Plan With Bean units are created to provide the perfect combination of scaffolding and rigor to ensure that each student can access the skills and content while simultaneously feeling challenged. Try our units and activies for free!

GRADE UP Academy
Tutoring Academy:  A More Comprehensive Approach to Education


Is your child struggling academically? Does he or she have individualized needs or deficiencies? Would you like to make sure your child retains the information they learned this school year? Do you want your child prepared for the next school year and beyond? If so, check out the GRADE UP Tutoring Academy!

The GRADE UP Tutoring Academy offers individual and small group tutoring in the core content areas. We provide math, reading, language arts, social studies and science instruction to students in grades 3-7 and english and social studies instruction to students in grades 8-12. We specialized in differentiated instruction, progress monotoring, and engaging leaning activities that cater to individual learning styles.


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But what really changes??


What in the world is going on in education? Take a look at some education news that may affect you. Check out education news stories from various outslets as well as blog posts from educators. Keep up with the newest trends in education!

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